The USACC relies on the volunteer efforts of over 100 national and state organizations. We work together to achieve our goals and fulfill our mission.

Paul Johnson - Chair

Paul has spent the past twenty plus years studying the history, culture, economy and language of Cuba. He wrote his Master’s Thesis on the Economic Development of Havana in 1999 and founded Chicago Foods International that began exporting food products to Cuba in 2008 to both Cuban nationals and the tourism industry. He is a Partner at FocusCuba consulting. 

Mark Albertson - State Coordinator

Mark Albertson is responsible for international and domestic soybean marketing and promotion. He manages project areas that include exports, biodiesel, livestock, specialty soybeans and aquaculture. 

Doug Keesling - State Coordinator

Doug is a fifth-generation farmer from Kansas with more than 30 year’s experience. He is the owner of Keesling Farms that supplies inputs for farmers as well as output management for environmental cleanups of hazmat materials and manure cleanups for large scale layer facilities. He is also the past president of the Kansas Wheat Commission.

Philip Peters

Philip Peters is an expert on Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations with two decades’ experience in economic research, policy activism, and business consulting.

​Peters served as a State Department appointee of Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush and as an aide in the House of Representatives. He holds degrees from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Graduate School

Devry Boughner Vorwerk

Devry is the CEO at DevryBV Sustainable Strategies. Prior to starting her own company, she was Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs for Cargill. Vorwerk also worked at the U.S. International Trade Commission in the Office of Industries and as Economic Advisor to the Chairman. She also served as Senior Economist in Agricultural Affairs at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, which is part of the Executive Office of the President.