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U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba Charter


Coalition Background: Prominent members of the U.S. food and agriculture community agreed to officially form a national coalition to address liberalizing trade between the United States and Cuba. The coalition’s primary focus is on ending the embargo and allowing open trade and investment to occur.


Under current sanctions, U.S. food and agriculture companies can legally export to Cuba.  However, financing restrictions limit the ability of the U.S. industry to competitively serve the market.  Foreign competitors such as Canada, Brazil, the European Union and Argentina are increasingly taking market share from U.S. industry because those countries do not face the same restrictions on financing.  


Cuba is a logical market for U.S. food and agriculture exports with 11 million consuming citizens only 90 miles off the coast of the United States. Normalizing trade relations between the United States and Cuba will enhance Cuban citizens’ access to affordable food while providing the U.S. farm and business community with new market access opportunities.  Liberalized trade will drive growth in both countries and allow the U.S. farmers, ranchers and food companies to efficiently address Cuban citizens’ food security needs. 


Coalition Purpose: The purpose of the coalition is to re-establish Cuba as a market for U.S. food and agriculture exports.  


Coalition Approach: We will achieve our purpose by advancing a constructive dialogue in the United States on U.S.-Cuba relations.  We will actively engage to end the long-standing embargo. We will work with key stakeholders to build momentum that drives historical change. We will take public platforms and explain the moral imperative of liberalizing trade between the two countries.

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