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July 2014, USACC is established

The USACC would grow to over 100 national and state agriculture organizations, and hold its first press conference at the National Press Club in January 2015

USACC leads over 45 agriculture delegations to Cuba

We have brought together farmers and farm groups in the US and Cuba to exchange ideas, know-how, and understanding. 


Delegations have included the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, state farm bureaus, bi-partisan congressional delegations, the American Agriculture Editors Association, and farmers from over 40 states. 

USACC meets with Cuba's president to discuss agriculture relations

Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel, while in New York, invited agriculture leaders to discuss the importance of agricultural trade and investment between the U.S. and Cuba. 

USACC participates in 40 conferences 
around the country

Some Conferences include the Economist Summit, Florida Bar Association, Commodity Classic, AS/COA, and state, national, and international institutions


Host the USACC 

annual agriculture conference in Cuba where farm groups in both countries exchane ideas to improve agriculture trade relations.

Inform, Advocate, Educate

We continue to provide Advisories, Policy analysis, agriculture statistics and reports that inform our members and policy makers of the benefits to increased agricultural cooperation.

Coordinates U.S. State field visits with Cuban embassy staff

State field visit coordination where Cuban embassy staff and local U.S. enterprises and trade organizations meet to build commercial bridges.

Assists in signing MOU with Animal Production NGO in Cubaa

USACC works with local Cuban animal production NGO in effort to increase egg production on the island.

2022 D.C. Field Day

USACC organizes a D.C. field day to meet with Congress followed by a reception at Cuba's Embassy.

USACC coordinates seminar in Cuba

USACC helps bring US and Cuban professors together to discuss Avian Influenza Biosecurity measures

USACC coordinates visit of President of Alimport to the U.S.

Alimport is the largest food purchasing agency in Cuba. The president of the company comes to the U.S. to meet with industry agriculture exporters.

USACC helps coordinate the first approved federal checkoff program to Cuba.

The US delegation of national chicken, egg, and soy industry met with Cuban counterparts. Total US agriculture Export sales to Cuba over $5 billion since 2001.

White Paper is published highlighting US export sales to Cuba.

The White Paper details agriculture opportunities for 16 states if normalized trade relations were open between the U.S. and Cuba.

USACC works with industry and government to complete Seed Import Protocols

Following the signed MOU between USDA and the Ministry of Agriculture, USACC assists in bringing seed protocols to signature.

Assists in securing the first approval of Market Access Program funds in Cuba.

The first use of MAP funds to be used in Cuba used to ship 16 tons of seed potato. The seed is planted in December 2020 starting the first trial of U.S. seed potatoes in Cuba in nearly 60 years.

MAP funding secured for groups to participate in trade delegation to Cuba.

2023 D.C. Field Day

Organizes a DC field day to meet with Congress and hosts a reception at the Embassy of Cuba.

Organizes Private Sector Conference in Havana

Conference first of its kind in four years, US business meet with Cuba's public and private sectors. Discussions with Cuba's ministries and policy makers and president of Cuba. The conference is co-sponsored by Cuba's Chamber of Commerce. New agriculture trade opportunities are introduced.

USACC meets with Cuban Leaders 2024

USACC joins others to meet with Cuba's president to discuss improving our agriculture relation.

USACC signs MOU with Cuba agriculture company

The USACC signs an MOU with the largest agricultural holding company in Cuba

focused on areas of cooperation including two-way trade, investment, sustainability, farmer training, and finance.

USACC supports first legislation passed on Cuba in 17 years, as the Farm Bill permits trade promotion programs for Cuba

The Farm Bill provision permits MAP/FMD funded programs to be used in Cuba. 

USACC spearheads D.C. Field Day

USACC members meet with Senate and Congressional offices to discuss U.S./Cuba agriculture relations.

USACC coordinates Reverse Mission

Using MAP funds, industry invited Cuban farmers to attend an international symposium in the U.S.

USACC meets with Cuba's leadership to discuss increasing trade and investment.

Members meet with Cuba's President, Minister of Foreign Relations, Minister of Foreign Investment, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Economy and Planning, Vice-Prime Minister, and Vice-President of Central Bank of Cuba to discuss increasing trade and investment.

Highlights include goal that U.S. ag exports to reach $400-$500 M in 2022; and  that agriculture is at forefront to foster relations between US and Cuban people.

USACC assists in seed potato trials in Cuba

Assisted in four years of US seed potato trials in Cuba. Promising varieties and advantages of US seed identified. 

2022 D.C. Field Day

USACC organizes a D.C. field day to meet with Congress followed by a reception at Cuba's Embassy.

USACC makes B2B connections

USACC puts buyers and sellers together to ship the first containers of rice to Cuba since 2008.

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